Whitetop Mountain Band

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Whitetop Musicians of the Past
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Mountain Roads Recordings

Martha and Jackson's Myspace Page

Martha and Jackson website

Virginia Foundation For The Humanities/Virginia Folklife Program/Jon Lohman

Crooked Road Music Trail-Virginia's Heritage Music Trail here in southwestern VA

Carter Family Fold--'nuff said--One of the first and best venues for the music

Lay's Hardware:A great venue in Coeburn, VA!

Smyth County Jam--A great jam session in Chilhowie, VA on Monday nights!

National Council for the Traditional Arts

Arhoolie Records: Chris Strachwitz's recording company-home to many varieties of great roots music!

Appalshop- Wonderful media center in Whitesburg, KY that does all kinds of worthwhile work concerning music, education, theater, and social issues.

Albert Hash Memorial Festival Myspace

Applewood Music Park/A relatively new place to hear old time and bluegrass in Cana, VA

Blue Ridge Music Center

Elderly Instruments- You can get almost anything musical from these folks-great buys on instruments and supplies, as well as recordings and books! And don't forget those great Bart Reiter banjos!

Porch Pickin'-Tim Varner's very informative website about local music and musicians in Ashe Co. and surrounding areas.

Giles Mountain String Band homepage: Our good friends Chris and Angie Via's webpage.

Jugbusters band website--We recently played a show with Bill Richardson and company and truly enjoyed what they did! Check them out! Bill is the listserve master of NROT (New River Old Time List), so check that out as well!

Big Country Bluegrass'website--A long established, fantastic traditional bluegrass band!

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