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Whitetop Mountain Band | Just Pickin'
Newest Release***** 2014
3. Goin' Down the Road
4. Twilight Shadows
5. Rabbit in a Log
6. Kentucky
7. Whistling Rufus
8. Coal Miner's Blues
9. I Don't Love Nobody
10. John Henry
11. Flower in the Desert
12. Eighth of January
13. Raining on the Mountain
14. Walking and Talking for the Lord
15. Turned Off Cold
16. Lost Indian

Whitetop Mountain Band
"Island in the Sky"
High Country Recordings 2012
1. Hensley's Dusty Miller
2. Under an August Moon
3. Uncle Eph's Got the Coon
4. What's the Matter with the Mill
5. Black Mountain Blues
6. Russell County Queen
7. Jesse James
8. Distant Land to Roam
9. Mississippi Sawyer
10. Why Must It Be So
11. Sourwood Mountain
12. Maiden's Prayer
13. Bill Cheatham
14. Cabbage Head Song
15. Henry Lee
16. Bear Creek Hop
Bonus Tracks- Albert Hash & orig. WTMB 1940s recordings
17. Wabash Cannonball
18. Ragtime Annie


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CD #1
*Newest Release
Whitetop Mountain Band
Loafer's Dream
2008 Mountain Roads Recordings
List of Songs
1. Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy
2. Where the Mountain Laurel Blooms
3. Loafer's Dream
4. Echoes of the Blue Ridge
5. Liberty
6. If That's the Way You Feel
7. Devil's Dream
8. Moods of a Fool
9. Train 45
10. The Hard Working Miner
11. Rocky Island
12. I Threw Away the Key
13. Sally Anne
14. Drifting Too Far from the Shore
15. Goin' Up the Bluff

CD #2
Spencer Family and Friends
Greetings from Whitetop
VFH Label 2006
List of Songs
1. Medley: Lee Highway Blues, Florida Blues, Lost John
2. Bury Me Beneath the Willow
3. Johnson Boys
4. Rabbit Up the Gumstump
5. No Hiding Place
6. Lost Indian
7. Sally Was a Poor Girl
9. Soul Never Dies
10. Medley: Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, Rachel, Chicken Reel
11. Faded Love
12. Leather Britches
13. Have a Little Talk with Jesus
14. Old Time Sally Anne
15. Cumberland Gap
16. Ruby
17. Katy Hill
18. East Virginia Blues

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Roads of Grayson County 2016
Just Pickin' 2014
Island in the Sky 2012
Loafer's Dream 2008 Mountain Roads Recordings
Music from the High Country  Heritage Records 2008
Bull Plus 10%  Arhoolie Records (Out of Print)
Spencer Family and Friends/Greetings From Whitetop VFH Crooked Road Series

The Whitetop Mountain Band appears on some out of print fiddlers conventions records and the 1977 National Folk Festival LP other compilations, including some available from Appalshop. These include a couple Seedtime at the Cumberland CDs and Echoes from the Mountainside.  You can purchase these at Appalshop.org under their recordings section.
Emily and Thornton Spencer appear on Kyle Creed's Liberty LP, which is available in cassette form from Bobby Patterson at Heritage Records in Galax, VA. They also appear on Rugby Guitar with Wayne Henderson, which can be purchased at CountySales.com or from Wayne Henderson.
Albert Hash and Thornton Spencer appeared on Old Originals Vol.2 from Rounder Records which is also out of print.